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If you only remember one thing about this site:


Spirituality = Questions that cannot be answered

Religion = Answers that cannot be questioned

                                                       - this is why I've never been "religious"



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Here are some of the topics you'll find under Jeff's Writings:

Anthropomorphisms - their impact to Systematic Theology

Authorship of Hebrews

The Barren Fig Tree, Luke 13:6-10 - a dispensational parable

Cosmetic Surgery - it only looks good with clothes on!

The Early Church Fathers - in light of Acts 20:29,30

Naked Easter - thoughts and feelings about "Easter" and the value of our body / bodies

Abstain from the Appearance of Evil - 1 Thess. 5:22 a misunderstood verse - a freedom robber

Good Nudity

How to Determine What God Wants in your life

I need "More God" - a common saying that needs to be examined

The Nature of God

Naturist / Naturism

The Secret Lives of Christians - a hidden crisis

Stumbling over the issue of Stumbling Blocks

Theological Tidbits

Why was Jesus Baptized? or the baptism of John

The Writings of the Twelve Apostles

The Bible, Society, and Nudity - by Jeff Rockel


You'll also find a sermon on Good Nudity, God, The Bible, and much, much more!