I need "more God" a common saying that needs to be examined

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“I need more God in my life.”  This is a current phrase that is being heard among Christians.  I’m sure the concept is good but I question the theology.  Here is what I’m talking about.


Let’s start with some sincere questions:

  • How can one get “more God” in their life?

  • Is God a substance that one can have in various quantities?

  • Is He something that I add to my life like a sport or hobby? 

  • If I get “more God” will I be more spiritual or holy? 

  • How do I know when I’ve got “more God?” -- will my problems go away? -- will my life have more joy? 

  • Can I measure the amount of “God” in me? 

  • What if I don’t sense “more God?” -- does that mean that He doesn’t care about me or wish to help me? 

  • Finally, what if I ask God for “more God” and I don’t get Him?


First I question the concept of getting “more God.”  The Bible presents us as being able to have more faith, more love, more joy, but more God?  As I read the scriptures I find that God is not something that is dispensed in quantities.  You either have Him in your life or you don’t.  In fact it is said that as believers Christ is “in us” and that is our “hope of glory.”(Col. 1:27)  And if we do not have the “Spirit of Christ” we are “none of His.”(Rom. 8:9)  In other words you either have God or you don’t.


Perhaps what people are saying when they want “more God” is that they want to get more of the perceived benefits of God in their life?  Less hassles, less problems, less headaches.  However the Bible presents God going with us in the mess, not necessarily helping us to get out of or avoid the mess.  It is God with us in the “crap” of life that matters.  He is always with us; He will “never forsake us.”  So we don’t need “more God.”  We need to acknowledge Him (“in all your ways acknowledge Him…” Prov. 3:6) in life and KNOW that He is with us – even when we don’t “feel” Him or see any positive outcome for whatever messy situation we are in.


“More God.” Yeah, I think I understand what people are saying but I’d much rather say that “God wants more of ME to love Him, trust Him, serve Him, and obey Him – in spite of my circumstances.  I’ve already GOT HIM – it is His promise and my blessing – “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”(Heb. 13:5).