Why human touch / massage is so powerful

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As a massage therapist I've had clients ask me why touch is so powerful. A number of years ago I found an article in Massage & Bodywork that kinda captured the idea of why:

"Human touch is the most sophisticated physical tool in the known universe. We cannot synthesize a material that functions like the skin of the hands, let alone something that operates with the sensitivity, intelligence and motor complexity of the human neuromuscular system through the hands.

Touch is also the only way to bring two energy systems into direct contact with one another. Michelangelo’s image of God’s and Adam’s hands approaching has the enduring power to remind us of the literal sharing of that spark of life.

Every time we lay our hand on the human body with pressure and consciousness, we are uniting the worlds of structure and the worlds of energy in the only possible say for this to be done. Human touch is the only context in the known universe in which there is a simultaneous and conscious contact of both structure and energy." [Massage and Bodywork – January 2004]

I've had people laugh, cry, go into a state of semi-consciousness, release fears, embrace change, feel "reborn", get goosebumps, solve a problem, and enter into a state of bliss... on my table. It is truly an honor to touch another human being with the intent to bless, to heal, to restore, to love - unconditionally.