The Bible, Society and Nudity

A study of social nudity from a Biblical and secular perspective.

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(posting permission granted by Jeff Rockel. Jeff Rockel all rights reserved, use by permission only)

by Jeff Rockel
All material copyright 1996, 1998, 2007 by Jeff Rockel

This material deals with the subject of social recreational nudity.

The Bible, Society and Nudity Chapter Outline

Chapter 1

  • A Word of Warning, Preface and Acknowledgements

  • The Bible and Nudity

  • The Bible, God's Authoritative Word

  • Our Position in God's Sight

  • God Created Us in His Image

  • We Hid from Him

  • We were Redeemed by Him

  • The Greatest Commandment

  • Our Responsibility to Ourselves

  • Our Responsibility to Others


Chapter 2

  • Nudity in the Bible

  • The First Nude Couple

  • Noah

  • Circumcision

Chapter 3

  • Bible References to the word Naked
    The Hebrew

    • Group 1

    • Group 2

    • Group 3

    The Greek Words

    • gumnos, gumnotes, and gumneteuo

    • The Significance of Garments

    • Summary and Conclusion

Chapter 4

  • Society and Nudity

  • Nude vs. Lewd in Society

  • Historical Accounts of Unacceptable Nudity

  • Historical Accounts of Acceptable Nudity

  • Body Image and Nudity in Church History

  • Body Image and Nudity in Recent Secular History

  • Nude vs. Lewd in America Today

Chapter 5

  • Nudity in the 20th Century

  • Nudity and Self Esteem

  • Quest for the Perfect Body

  • Reflection of the Spirit