Nakedness and the Bible

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Paul M. Bowman

When I was doing my research into nudity, nudism, naturism, nude recreation, and all other related words I had the pleasure to meet Paul Bowman (no relation, just a good last name!).  He was wrapping up this outstanding book and allowed me to review it prior to publication.  Here is what I wrote:

Paul Bowman’s book is his “magnum opus!”  Bowman has carefully examined all scriptures relating to nudity and nakedness, and even those passages that just hint to the topic, and has done so with the patience and skill of a neurosurgeon – so as to bring out the actual meaning that the Biblical writer wanted his readers to understand.  He is to be commended for dealing with a topic that is considered already “understood” or even “taboo” among Bible readers.  Bowman has shown that such understanding or taboo is not what is actually found in the Bible.  Rarely does one find a book on a topic that treats a topic exhaustively.  Even rarer is finding an exhaustive book on this topic.  Bowman more than gives us his opinion; in most cases he substantiates it from the Biblical text (English, Hebrew and Greek) and other historical documents from the Biblical period.  This book presents a very compelling case for what our society doesn’t understand – that there is good nakedness.  This is a must read for every Christian. 

Here is the table of contents of this 208 page book:

§         Preface

§         Actual Nakedness in the Bible

§         Allegorical Nakedness in the Bible

§         Implied Nakedness in the Bible

§         Clothing during Bible Times

§         Lust and Nakedness

§         Passages used to Oppose Nakedness that do not mention nakedness

§         Epilogue

§         Appendix – Good Nakedness by Pastor Jeff Bowman

§         Scripture Index

§         Topical Index

§         Bibliography

I love the fact that Paul created a scripture index.  This is so helpful in researching the topic from a Biblical perspective.  Also note my study on “Good Nudity” is included as an appendix.

Visit Paul's website and order Nakedness and the Bible directly from him,