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If you only remember one thing about this site:


Spirituality = Questions that cannot be answered

Religion = Answers that cannot be questioned

- this is why I've never been "religious"

This site is to allow people to read and listen to some of Jeff's theological, social, and philosophical writings and sermons.  It is sponsored by Fellowship Bible Church of Southern California, an IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and California non-profit corporation.  

Currently, Fellowship Bible Church is a "church without walls" on the internet with the purpose of not only disseminating Jeff's studies but to encourage people to consider the God of all Grace. 

This world is filled with various religions and belief systems.  Very few on planet earth deny that there is a Creator.  We'd like to tell you that God's care and concern for you go beyond what you'd ever imagine.  He extends that love to you on the basis of His Grace.

As non-religious Progressive Christians, we invite you to experience God's Grace in your life.  This website was created to provide you with information about life that is centered in God's Grace.

Poke around, read the articles and join with us in the celebration of GRACE.