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Body Acceptance / Self Acceptance: a lecture at a California State University psychology class by Jeff & Judy Bowman (when I had long hair!) where a clothing optional experience is discussed as a means to promote body and self acceptance.  14 installments.




The outdoor Chapel at Glen Eden Sun Club

The outdoor Chapel at Glen Eden Sun Club

For many years I've led the Easter Services at Glen Eden Sun Club, Corona, California.  It is always a joy to see our friends and bring the message of Easter to Glen Eden.  Apart from being beautiful, the outdoor chapel is a very spiritual and sacred place.  There are memorials to many past members.


The Path to the Chapel  The Path to the Chapel  Ray and Mildred Connett the FOUNDERS of Glen Eden


Wake Up to Life. Taught at Glen Eden Sun Club Easter 2017

Easter is the time when Christians focus on and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. His resurrection is the foundation and basis for our faith as Paul wrote, "...and if Christ has not been raised from death, then we have nothing to preach and you have nothing to believe" (1 Corinthians 15:14).

His resurrection is the guarantee that we too will be awakened from the sleep of death and raised to eternal life one day. Yet how does that apply to your life today?

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The Everyday Realities of Easter. Taught at Glen Eden Sun Club Easter 2016

Humans have always pondered what happens at death and is there an "afterlife?" In the times of the New Testament the prevailing thought regarding death was that of Plato and his immortality of the soul and forms of reincarnation.  Today our society has similar thoughts and beliefs.  Yet the message of Easter was contrary to that of Plato and even the common thoughts about death today.  It is a message of the dead coming back to life again (and not as zombies! <grin>) and God renewing this world and its inhabitants to a condition BETTER than that of the first humans, Adam and Eve.  This message explores the everyday realities of Easter and not just the fun holiday that we enjoy today.

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Let It Go!.  Taught at Glen Eden Sun Club Easter 2015 

Summary: The events surrounding the Easter story, the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus, were packed with every negative emotion that we humans have: anger, fear, jealousy, denial, greed, lust, and hatred. Yet Jesus stayed true to His mission / purpose. To do that He had to "let go" of all the negative emotions bombarding him... He forgave. Forgiveness means to "let it go." Such letting go frees us to focus on our present purpose - life!

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The Easter Whale.  Taught at Glen Eden Sun Club Easter 2014 

Summary: Easter is full of “symbols:” the Easter bunny; dyed eggs; Easter egg hunts; Easter hats & outfits; Easter baskets w/ green plastic grass; chocolate bunnies; Marshmallow Peeps; Cadbury Eggs; lilies; crosses; and what many consider to be the first symbol – an empty tomb.
If we examine the scriptures the very first symbol of Easter is in fact a big fish!  Jesus, when asked for a sign appealed to Jonah's 3 day journey in the fish... how did Jonah get there?  What is the application for us?  There is a "Jonah" inside of us!

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The Resurrection Reboot.  Taught at Glen Eden Sun Club Easter 2013. 

Summary: Since the 1980s we have been living in the era of Personal Computers.  Now the next wave of computing is here in the form of Tablets and other mobile devices.  One concept the computer era has taught us is that of: REBOOT.  What does that mean to you?  In Scripture we find the concept of rebooting in the lives of people who have a restart in their life and we see the biggest reboot of all in the Resurrection of the dead and the corresponding new Heaven and new Earth.

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The Nudity of Easter.  Taught at Glen Eden Sun Club Easter 2012.

Summary: Easter means many things to many people.  It is a time of spring, a time of life, a time for chocolate bunnies and dyed eggs.  Kids go scampering for hidden eggs and candy.  Families and friends gather and enjoy a picnic and love.  But Easter is more than these things.  The Easter story as presented in the Bible shows us the nudity (figuratively and literally) of humanity… 

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LOVE WINS!  Taught at Glen Eden Sun Club Easter 2011.  (a slight nod to Rob Bell <grin>)

Summary: The Easter message hit the First Century with a bombshell: “Jesus is raised from the dead… oh and by the way, we will be too!”  The resurrection is the bedrock on which Christianity stands.  It demonstrates how The Universe WILL prevail and love WILL reign.

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The Doubt of Faith.  Taught at Glen Eden Sun Club Easter 2010.

Summary: What do you think of those who doubt? How about the person who always questions? Do you sometimes doubt? Are you a skeptical person? Have you ever found yourself to be the only person who questions a situation? I suggest to you that you are not alone and that doubt can be an indication that faith is about to be hatched. Let’s take a look at the poster-boy of doubt – doubting Thomas. He is not what you think…

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Easter and YOUR Carbon Footprint.  Taught at Glen Eden Sun Club Easter 2009.

Summary: In our society today there is much discussion about our “carbon footprint.” This footprint is about our impact to the environment via the greenhouse gasses that our lives make.  Yet not only do our lives impact the environment but there is another side to this carbon footprint that we don’t hear much discussion about – the footprint we leave in the lives of others.  Easter is about the ultimate solution to the carbon footprint problem.  Easter is about Resurrection – hope and change both in the future and now.

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The Promise and Hope of EASTER.  Taught at Glen Eden Sun Club Easter 2008.

The Easter story as presented in the Bible is about PROMISE and HOPE.  It is about the biggest PROMISE from God. Think of a big promise that was made to you and that you actually received… Think of a big promise that was made to you but that it didn’t come to pass.

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So What's the Point.  Taught at Glen Eden Sun Club Easter 2007.

Summary: Easter gives MEANING for our existence – a loving God creates.   It gives PURPOSE for our living – loving God back
It gives POWER in “being”
It gives HOPE in spite of death

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Things I’ve Learned Series

Bible Studies which have changed my Life

These messages were given while I was the Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Anaheim, California (1993-2002).  Many of these studies also have outlines for you to download and use as you listen to the study and "fill in the blanks."  The outlines are MS Word documents.   Every now and then the “light” goes on and you see something that you’ve never seen before.  In my life as a Christian and Pastor I have pondered many issues over the years and from time to time God has surprised me.  By His Word I’ve had my views change – sometimes a great distance from where I started.  This process has then changed my life.  I’ve become more focused on Him, learned to love Him more, and appreciated His Grace towards me in life.

I’m inviting you to look into the Bible studies that have changed my life…perhaps they’ll change you too.  It is my hope and prayer that you’ll be drawn closer to God as I have through them.

Surprised to Know… I guarantee these studies will challenge you to know and grow.

Topic: (Click on type of media mp3 or wma to listen - wma files are smaller and load quicker.  All messages are approximately 40 minutes in length)

God – How His greatness, grace & love (the commands of life) transcend culture.   mp3 wma  Outline of study

The Bible – How much bigger it is than us, it is made to be understood, it deals with RAW life.   mp3   wma   Outline of study

Grace – How it exposes and rids us of the Pharisee within.   mp3   wma   Outline of study

Good Nudity – Our bodies are God’s Image and we should not be ashamed of them yet we often are – why?  Our struggles because of a lack of understanding about good nudity.   mp3   wma   Outline of study

Church – How what we call church is often not and what we long for is… Simplicity in structure, the danger in protecting the “system.”   mp3   wma   Outline of study

Giving – How it is a picture of our faith and consistency.  Being tricked into or out of giving.   mp3   wma   Outline of study

Death & Resurrection – the answer to death is not death, the “New Age” philosophy unknowingly accepted by believers.   mp3   wma   Outline of study

Faith and Life – How faith is to work, taking responsibility for growth, His part / our part.   mp3   wma   Outline of study

Witnessing – It is easier than you think, we are more “read” than “heard”, a critical ingredient is our transparency or “exposure.”   mp3   wma   Outline of study

Honesty – God loves us for who we are, we need to BE who we are.   mp3   wma   Outline of study

...more coming... stay tuned!