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if you only remember one thing about this site:


Spirituality = Questions that cannot be answered

Religion = Answers that cannot be questioned

- this is why I've never been "religious"

Anthropomorphisms - their impact to Systematic Theology

Authorship of Hebrews - Paul is not the author, perhaps Peter!

The Barren Fig Tree, Luke 13:6-10 - a dispensational parable

Cosmetic Surgery - it only looks good with clothes on!

*new* Cultural Constipation - Our beliefs are a by-product of our culture.

The Early Church Fathers - in light of Acts 20:29,30

Abstain from the Appearance of Evil - 1 Thess. 5:22 a misunderstood verse - a freedom robber

Good Nudity - simple nudity is not bad (there is also an audio format of this study)

How To Determine What God Wants in Your Life - just use the Razor

I need "More God" - a common saying that needs to be examined

The Nature of God - what is God's nature and how He exist

The Naked Body: Lewd or Simply Nude (Video Presentation - Windows Media)

Naturist / Naturism - what it means to be a naturist (nudist)

Naked Easter - thoughts and feelings about "Easter" and the value of the our body / bodies

Reply to Rodney Stearns': Liberty and Grace - arguments against "good nudity" / naturism

The Secret Lives of Christians - a hidden crisis

Stumbling over the issue of Stumbling Blocks - the pitfalls of misunderstanding stumbling blocks

Theological Tidbits - random theological thoughts and comments on various verses

Why was Jesus Baptized? or the baptism of John

The Writings of the Twelve Apostles - their plan and purpose


Important Writings of Others:

Answers to Blocher's Objections to Nudism / Naturism - by Dr. Del De Lotta

The Bible, Society, and Nudity - by Jeff Rockel - this is the first large body of data on the topic I read back in 1996.  Jeff is a good friend of mine and this material has been absent from the web for a while.  I'm honored to have permission to present it here.

Sexuality and Naturism - by Michael C.

The Stone Thrower Chroniclesthe "verse and run" tactics used by people who want to attack not dialog - By John Kundert